Nutriline Labs Calm EZ Calming Dog Chews - Calming Chews for Dogs with Chamomile, Melatonin & Ginger - Help Aid Stress Relief During Travel, Grooming, or Separation - Beef Flavor, USA Made, 60 Count

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Do your pet dogs become destructive and agitated when you leave the house?

Your fur baby loves you so much that they can’t help but feel scared whenever you leave them alone. They might exhibit their discomfort through destructive behavior like non-stop chewing, barking, howling, and scratching

Calm and well-rested pets mean calm and well-rested owners. Keep your beloved fur baby relaxed with a soothing treat made just for them!

The Nutriline Labs Calm EZ Calming Dog Chews helps soothe your pets during potentially stressful situations!

Dogs may act jumpy and restless when you leave them for extended periods of time or during loud thunderstorms. You can help bring them back to their happy and laidback selves with these beef-flavored calming dog treats. Its signature mix of chamomile, Thiamine, and L-Tryptophan helps promote restfulness and relaxation.

Does your dog have a sensitive tummy? Our dog chews are formulated with ginger, which is known for its soothing effects on delicate stomachs. This may help you minimize mess whenever you take your dog traveling with you. The treats come in a compact and resealable jar to preserve freshness and quality. You can easily pack it with you when you go on trips.

Many pooches hate riding in the car or getting restrained. Make your visits to the groomers and vet clinic less stressful for everyone! Our pet chew is made with melatonin, which may help ease their tension and induce sleepiness. This is helpful for making them calmer and better behaved when getting their much-needed shots, checkups, haircuts, and pampering.

More reasons to love this calming pet chew:

- 60 soft chews per bottle

- For all dog breeds

- Easy to administer

- Proudly USA made

Your best friend deserves the best love and care! Add the Nutriline Labs Calm EZ Calming Dog Chews to your cart TODAY

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