Solid Gold Stop Eating Poop Soft Chews 60ct.

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Help break your pup’s poop-eating habit with the Solid Gold Supplements Stop Eating Poop + Breath Aid Soft Chews Grain-Free Dog Supplement. It naturally makes your dog’s stool taste bitter to keep him from turning potty time into snack time. Plus, it has digestive enzymes that help your pal’s tummy absorb more nutrients from food so he’ll actually poop a little less, and yucca extract to reduce stool odor for easier clean-up. And thanks to peppermint and parsley oils, it also helps keep his breath fresh and soothe his digestion. Best of all, thanks to the soft texture and lip-smacking flavor of these chews, your furbaby will think it’s just a tasty treat!

Key Benefits

  • Helps deter your dog from eating his poop by naturally making it taste bitter with plant-sourced active ingredients.
  • Boosts digestion to help your pal get more nutrients from food and reduce stool output with proprietary blend of digestive enzymes.
  • Freshens breath with natural peppermint oil, while parsley oil works to soothe digestion.
  • Odor-fighting yucca extract actually helps reduce stool odors to make poop clean-up easier.
  • Soft texture and tasty flavor is great for picky eaters, and is made in the USA with no gluten, grains, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


For use in dogs only. Do not give to cats. Should be given to the dog whose stool is being consumed (not the dog consuming the stool).

Additional Details

Coprophagia Supplement

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