What Do ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ Mean In Dog Food Labels?

Buying pet food can be a little bit confusing these days. Gone are the days of going into a pet supply company in Mesa, grabbing the first bag of dog food you see, and plopping it down at the register. Now, you find yourself overwhelmed with bags that say things like “natural” and “organic.” You have to know what those words mean in regards to pet food if you are going to make informed decisions. Then, you will know what to buy the next time you go into a pet supply company.

Natural Pet Products in Mesa

“Natural” means that nothing is added to the food. That means the food does not have any artificial coloring or flavors. It doesn’t have sweeteners added to it or any preservatives. Natural pet products in Mesa are also free of dangerous growth hormones and toxins that can harm your pets. However, the word natural is not regulated, so it pays to check the ingredients just in case.


“Organic” refers to how the food is grown and processed. Organic food is grown without the use of certain chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. In addition, the food fed to livestock is regulated.

Why Organic and Natural Foods Are Healthier

While you might think that natural and organic foods are just a trend, you can’t deny the fact that toxins are dangerous. When your animals aren’t exposed to toxins in their foods, they are less likely to develop diseases. They will also be better nourished and healthier in general.

Finding a Pet Supply Company in Mesa that Sells Natural Food

If you go into a brick and mortar pet supply company in Mesa, you might have some trouble finding natural and organic food. That’s because they can only stack so many dog toys and bags of food on their shelves. You can find a variety of organic pet supplies with free shipping from our online store. You can also get dog toys and other items to ensure your pets are healthy and happy. And get as many products as you want since the pet supplies come with free shipping.

We are the choice for natural pet products in Mesa. Order our pet supplies with free shipping so you can see the difference natural and organic food can make. From pet food to dog toys, your pets will be healthier when you remove toxins from their lives.

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