Pick the Right Food to Help Prevent Diabetes in Your Cat

It is estimated that as many as 1 in every 100 cats end up with diabetes. Fortunately, pet owners can prevent their feline friends from getting diabetes by feeding them the right natural pet products and treats. First, you need to know what foods cause diabetes. Then, you will be ready to learn what to look for when searching for food at a pet supply company in Phoenix.

Food that Causes Diabetes

According to the ASPCA, cats get diabetes by consuming excess carbohydrates. When cats eat too many carbohydrates, they become overweight and their pancreas becomes overburdened.

Unfortunately, a lot of pet food on the market is loaded with carbs. That is why you need to make smart choices the next time you shop at a pet supply company in Phoenix.

Stick with High-Protein, Low Carb Products

The solution is to choose a pet supply company that sells natural pet products that are high in protein and low in carbs. While some stores have this option, it is actually easier to find these products online. In some cases, you can even get your pet supplies with free shipping so you can save money.

When you look through the pet store’s inventory, select grain-free products. You will find a lot of grain-free options at companies that sell natural pet products. Try to get the pet supplies with free shipping so you can cut your costs. Then, you can use that extra money to buy some cat toys for your furry friend.

Buying Cat Treats in Phoenix

You also have to think about diabetes when buying cat treats. When it comes to buying cat treats in Phoenix, natural is always better. You can find wheat free treats that are low in carbs. Add these to your order when you purchase your pet supplies with free shipping so you can get everything at once.

Whether you need cat food or cat treats in Phoenix, you can find what you are looking for online. When you choose a pet supply company that ships to Phoenix for free, you can load up on all of the healthy items you need to keep your feline friend free of diabetes. Then, the two of you can enjoy a long, happy life together.

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