Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets

People aren’t the only ones affected by the hot summer sun. The heat can affect your beloved pets as well. It is important that you learn some safety tips so your pets are safe over the summer. Some tips require that you get some items from a discount pet supply store, while others just require a few adjustments at home.

Be Mindful of Parasites

According to the AKC, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are a bigger nuisance in the warm months than they are during the other seasons. Because of that, you need to make sure you stay on top of your flea, tick, and heartworm prevention and medications.

You can get preventitive medication from a discount pet supply store.

Don’t Let Your Pets Get Burned

Prevention magazine states that skin cancer is the second most common cancer in cats, and the most common in dogs. Owners need to apply sunscreen every 3 to 4 hours on pets that are outdoors. You don’t have to put it all over the animals. Just put it on the areas that don’t have a lot of hair. Make sure that the sunscreen is made for pets.

Prevent Dehydration

It is essential that your pets take in enough fluid during the hot months. Give your pets unrestricted access to cold water. If you are still concerned that they might not be drinking enough, consider using canned pet food during the summer months. Canned cat and dog food provides your pets with additional fluids. You can find premium canned pet food from the same retailers that sell natural dry dog food. Stock up on this pet food so you will have it on hand as needed.

Get Pet Toys for Dogs and Cats in Chandler

Consider getting some pet toys for dogs and cats that they can play with quietly in your yard in Chandler. If you need to find some pet toys for dogs and cats, check out an online discount pet supply store in Chandler. They will have all of the pet toys for dogs and cats you will need to fill the long summer days.

When the summer rolls around, every decision you make is important. From choosing the right dog food to the right pet toys, you can ensure your pets are safe this summer by making some wise decisions.

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