Mars drops Innova and Reduces Other Product Lines

Mars Petcare has announced a restructuring of several of the key pet food brands they acquired from Proctor & Gamble last year. In the latest announcement, Mars will discontinue all the Innova products and greatly reduce the offerings for EVO and California Natural. The EVO brand will only be offered through independent pet food stores, like Goober Pet Direct. One reason for the restructuring was to eliminate the overlap with other Mars products including Nutro Natural Choice, Nutro Max, and Nutro Ultra. Please check with Goober Pet Direct to find out if these changes affect your food and to help find alternates.

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Purina to buy Merrick

During one of the country’s largest pet retailer conferences in July, Merrick Pet Care announced that they will be purchased by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. This continues a trend of smaller independent pet food manufacturers being acquired by the major food companies. While no changes have been announced regarding changes to the Merrick food products or their product offerings, please check with Goober Pet Direct for updates.

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Common Food Allergies in Dogs

Many people suffer from allergies, chief among those being food allergies. You watch out for your children too when they are eating new foods. It may surprise you that dogs can also have food allergies.

Food allergies occur in dogs when their immune systems start telling them that a food they’ve consumed is a danger to them. Mistakenly their bodies start sending out signals in the form of random symptoms. When this starts to happen, it’s time to seek out all natural dog food brands in Tempe.

Food Allergy Symptoms in Dogs Include:

  • Chronic ear inflammation
  • Paw biting
  • Itching
  • Skin eruptions
  • Obsessive licking
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Mucus in the stools
  • Skin rashes
  • Chronic gas

These symptoms may occur now and again, but if they happen regularly, it’s a good bet your pet is suffering from a food allergy. Best to have them looked at by your vet.

What To Do For Dog Food Allergies

Your vet will determine what will be the best course of action for your dog. There may be more than one food that your dog is allergic to, and an elimination diet would be a good way to determine what’s causing your pet’s upset. Your vet will start with a few basics and add more food to the diet. Once there is a reaction to an added food, you’ll know what not to feed your dog anymore.

Which means you’ll want to start looking for the best dog food for allergies. Most often products such as beef, milk products and wheat are the biggest problems for dogs. Some dog breeds are more likely to suffer from allergies than other breeds.

At this point it’s best to begin to implement buying all natural dog food brands in Tempe. There are many varieties to choose from; such as a gluten free dog food, which is easy on your dog’s stomach. Staying away from wheat as well as beef can make a significant difference in how your dog is feeling.

Some food allergies in dogs can last a lifetime. It may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the distress. Feeding the right dog food can bring about a big improvement for your dog. After all, when they feel good, you feel good.

You know your dog better than anyone. Discuss with your vet what the best dog foods for allergies are, then start feeding these to your pet right away.

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Keeping Your Pet Cool in the Summer Heat

When you are shopping for natural pet food and pet products in Mesa, you probably have two things on your mind. You want your pets to be healthy, and you also want them to be happy. One way that pets feel uncomfortable is during Mesa summers. Help your pet stay cool in the warm months. A bit of attention and a few luxury pet products will make all of the difference in the world for your furry friends.

Provide Fresh Water in a No-Tip Bowl

Access to fresh water is especially important when it’s hot outside. Be sure to replace water on a regular basis so it does not get warm. And make sure the pet can’t tip the bowl over. The next time you shop for online pet food or products, look for no-tip bowls. These bowls stay in place, even when your pet tries to tip them over.

Use the Shade

If your furry friends have to say outside for any length of time, make sure they have access to shade. Be sure to include some luxury pet products in the shaded area to encourage that your dog stays there for the duration of the time he or she is outside. For instance, you can include a dog bed, toys, and natural pet food in the shaded area at your Mesa home. If you aren’t sure what kind of pet food to get, browse through an online pet food store and find something that will meet your dog’s needs this summer.

Don’t Exercise in the Heat of the Day

Keep things low key during the day and save exercise for the evenings, when it’s cooler. In addition, check the pavement to make sure it is not too hot for their paws when you go for a walk or a jog. You can easily keep your furry friends occupied during the day by shopping for some pet products in Mesa. Once you purchase some luxury pet products, let your dogs have fun during the day and then exercise in the evening.

From buying online pet food to searching for pet products in Mesa, every decision counts when you have pets. That is also true when it comes to keeping them cool in the summer. Follow these tips so your pets can beat the heat.

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Pick the Right Food to Help Prevent Diabetes in Your Cat

It is estimated that as many as 1 in every 100 cats end up with diabetes. Fortunately, pet owners can prevent their feline friends from getting diabetes by feeding them the right natural pet products and treats. First, you need to know what foods cause diabetes. Then, you will be ready to learn what to look for when searching for food at a pet supply company in Phoenix.

Food that Causes Diabetes

According to the ASPCA, cats get diabetes by consuming excess carbohydrates. When cats eat too many carbohydrates, they become overweight and their pancreas becomes overburdened.

Unfortunately, a lot of pet food on the market is loaded with carbs. That is why you need to make smart choices the next time you shop at a pet supply company in Phoenix.

Stick with High-Protein, Low Carb Products

The solution is to choose a pet supply company that sells natural pet products that are high in protein and low in carbs. While some stores have this option, it is actually easier to find these products online. In some cases, you can even get your pet supplies with free shipping so you can save money.

When you look through the pet store’s inventory, select grain-free products. You will find a lot of grain-free options at companies that sell natural pet products. Try to get the pet supplies with free shipping so you can cut your costs. Then, you can use that extra money to buy some cat toys for your furry friend.

Buying Cat Treats in Phoenix

You also have to think about diabetes when buying cat treats. When it comes to buying cat treats in Phoenix, natural is always better. You can find wheat free treats that are low in carbs. Add these to your order when you purchase your pet supplies with free shipping so you can get everything at once.

Whether you need cat food or cat treats in Phoenix, you can find what you are looking for online. When you choose a pet supply company that ships to Phoenix for free, you can load up on all of the healthy items you need to keep your feline friend free of diabetes. Then, the two of you can enjoy a long, happy life together.

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Reasons You Should Support Pet Charities

When you shop at a pet supply company in Phoenix, it can be easy to forget about all of the work that pet charities in Phoenix and the surrounding areas do. These charities provide so much for animals in the Phoenix area, making it important to support a local pet charity. Often, supporting a local pet charity is as easy as ordering online pet supplies and designating a charity for a donation. Then, the pet supply company will send the money to a Phoenix charity on your behalf. That money will benefit animals in several ways.

Provide for Animals in Shelters

Shelters are strapped for cash, which is why your local pet charity is so important. Pet charities donate everything from pet toys to pet food to local shelters. The shelters are able to take more animals in when they get these items from a pet supply company in Phoenix. On top of that, the animals are cared for when they have access to pet food and supplies. They are well fed and get to play, all thanks to your donation to pet charities.

Help Animals Find Homes

When you send money to a pet charity, that charity can do more to help animals find loving homes. Some pet charities sponsor adoption events so pets can find places to live. Finding homeless animals a home is one of the most rewarding things a pet charity can do, which is why using the donation feature the next time you purchase online pet supplies is so important.

Fund Spaying and Neutering

A failure to spay and neuter animals is one of the reasons animal shelters are overcrowded. The next time you purchase online pet supplies, consider donating to a pet charity that funds spaying and neutering. You can lower the burden on animal shelters with your donation.

The next time you buy pet toys or pet food, think about donating money to a pet charity. It is very easy to choose a company that donates to a pet charity for you while you purchase online pet supplies. Giving money for pet toys and pet food ensures that pets in shelters will get the supplies and support they need. Best of all, you will feel great, knowing that you helped animals in need even if you aren’t adopting all of them yourself.

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How to Find the Best (And Safest) Cat Supplies and Toys

If you have a cat, you want the best for him or her. That means you need to purchase the right pet supplies for cats in Mesa. Supplies include everything from food to pet toys that you can put in your Mesa home. Once you do a little bit of research, you will be able to purchase your pet supplies with confidence.

Choose Healthy Online Pet Food

Cat owners make a mistake when they grab any pet food off of a shelf. A lot of the cheap cat food out there is actually dangerous. It is full of carbohydrates that your cat can’t properly process, which means his pancreas will get overworked and he could become diabetic. On top of that, many of the cat foods out there don’t contain all of the vitamins and nutrients he needs to have a healthy life. You will find a much better selection when you look online. When looking for online pet food, search for natural, organic options. Also, choose food that is grain free so your cat won’t get a lot of carbohydrates.

Choose Toys That Engage and Entertain

When looking for pet supplies for cats in Mesa, it is essential that you seek out toys that can engage and entertain your cat. According to the ASPCA, cats enjoy wand, ball, food dispensing, and catnip toys. They also like toys made of wool, fur and fleece, as well as toys that make sounds. In addition, cats enjoy toys that include lights or moving parts. Keep that in mind when searching for Mesa pet toys.

Make Sure the Mesa Pet Toys Are Safe

Once you find some pet toys that your cat will enjoy, you need to make sure they are safe. Do not choose toys with small pieces that can come off the toy. Your cat could swallow those pieces. Also, make sure your cat can’t get tied up in the toy’s string. Finally, if you choose a toy that dispenses food, you can make it safer by buying natural online pet food. This type of food isn’t just for feeding time. You can also use it during play time.

Use this information when searching for pet supplies for cats in Mesa. You want your cats to be healthy and happy, and these tips can help you accomplish that.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Grooming Appointments

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for natural pet food in Chandler or pet products in Phoenix. You want what is best for your best pet. That is why you also need to think about grooming. Choosing the right dog grooming service is an important part of having a healthy pet. Just choosing the right groomer isn’t enough, though. You also need to make sure you get the most out of your dog grooming appointments.

Use Natural Pet Food

Most people don’t realize that proper dog grooming starts at home. If your are going to get the most out of your grooming appointments, start by feeding your pet natural dog food. You can purchase natural pet food in Chandler or Phoenix, or you can look online. Whether you go with online pet food or find natural pet food in a brick and mortar store, you will notice that your dog’s coat and skin looks better as soon as he starts eating it. This will make his hair look much better after the grooming session.

Get More than the Shampoo

There are tons of pet products that your Chandler or Phoenix groomer can use. Go beyond a shampoo so you can get much more out of the dog grooming experience. Items like eye and ear wipes can go a long way in making your furry friend look and feel better. If your groomer is not sure where to find these items, check out our pet products. We have a variety of pet products that your Phoenix or Chandler groomer can use.

Consider Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog grooming is a great way to stay involved in the process. The groomer will come to your home, where you can talk about what you want in regards to grooming. If you go this route, discuss different hairstyles with the groomer. He can give you some fun ideas for your pet. You can also discuss other things, such as natural pet food and pet products you can find in both Chandler and Phoenix.

Start the process by finding some online pet food that will make your dog’s coat and skin look and feel great. Once you get your online pet food, find a groomer that has ample supplies so you can get started. Before you know it, your dog will look so much better, whether you go with mobile dog grooming or take your pooch into a business.

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Are Your Pets’ Toys Really Safe For Them?

Safety is a serious concern for every pet parent. You think of safety every time you buy pet food or visit a pet supply company in Tempe. Because safety is so important, you need to keep it in mind when buying toys. In addition, you need to evaluate the toys you already have to make sure they are safe. If they are not, you should buy new toys.

Are They the Right Size?

A lot of people don’t think about size when purchasing online pet supplies. Because of that, they purchase pet toys that can get lodged in the pet’s throat or swallowed. Purchase online pet supplies that are large enough for your pets. If you have multiple sizes of pets, divide the pet toys so each pet only plays with the toys that are the appropriate size for him.

Do You Put the Right Food in Toys?

Pet toys that dispense food are popular. While these toys are typically safe, owners make them unsafe putting the wrong type of pet food in them. Choose natural pet food when shopping in Tempe. In addition to natural pet food, go with grain free food if you have cats. That way, the food won’t increase your cat’s chances of getting diabetes. If you are unsure of where to purchase grain free food, look for online pet supplies. Online companies are more likely to have grain free food so you will be able to find exactly what you need.

Do You Use Plastic Items?

It is common for people to use plastic items for toys. If you do, makes sure you avoid using items that contain bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is used to give elasticity to plastics. When pets chew on items that contain BPA, the chemical can leak into their mouths and become toxic. Consider replacing all plastic items with new pet toys from a pet supply company in Tempe. That way, you won’t have to worry about your pet getting poisoned by his favorite toys.

From pet toys to pet food, you can find everything you need at an online pet supply company in Tempe. Then, your pets will have fun and stay safe. That means you can enjoy your time with your pets without worrying about accidents. It also means you can save a ton of money on vet bills.

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What Do ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ Mean In Dog Food Labels?

Buying pet food can be a little bit confusing these days. Gone are the days of going into a pet supply company in Mesa, grabbing the first bag of dog food you see, and plopping it down at the register. Now, you find yourself overwhelmed with bags that say things like “natural” and “organic.” You have to know what those words mean in regards to pet food if you are going to make informed decisions. Then, you will know what to buy the next time you go into a pet supply company.

Natural Pet Products in Mesa

“Natural” means that nothing is added to the food. That means the food does not have any artificial coloring or flavors. It doesn’t have sweeteners added to it or any preservatives. Natural pet products in Mesa are also free of dangerous growth hormones and toxins that can harm your pets. However, the word natural is not regulated, so it pays to check the ingredients just in case.


“Organic” refers to how the food is grown and processed. Organic food is grown without the use of certain chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. In addition, the food fed to livestock is regulated.

Why Organic and Natural Foods Are Healthier

While you might think that natural and organic foods are just a trend, you can’t deny the fact that toxins are dangerous. When your animals aren’t exposed to toxins in their foods, they are less likely to develop diseases. They will also be better nourished and healthier in general.

Finding a Pet Supply Company in Mesa that Sells Natural Food

If you go into a brick and mortar pet supply company in Mesa, you might have some trouble finding natural and organic food. That’s because they can only stack so many dog toys and bags of food on their shelves. You can find a variety of organic pet supplies with free shipping from our online store. You can also get dog toys and other items to ensure your pets are healthy and happy. And get as many products as you want since the pet supplies come with free shipping.

We are the choice for natural pet products in Mesa. Order our pet supplies with free shipping so you can see the difference natural and organic food can make. From pet food to dog toys, your pets will be healthier when you remove toxins from their lives.

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