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Red Barn Knuckle Bone - White

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Knuckle Bone - White  $7.95
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These are the extremities of the mammoth bones that are removed and cleaned and are ideal for satisfying large dogs chewing needs. ""Hard bones are a natural way to clean teeth and exercise muscles. They improve the dog's dental health by giving the dog a chance to exercise gums and scrape teeth. Natural bones can be fed anytime as a snack or reward, as a substitute for chewing furniture (especially useful for teething puppies!), to occupy a dog during travel time or to help alleviate separation anxiety. They provide an enjoyable chewing experience and satisfy a dogs natural carnivorous instincts.


Knuckle bone

Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture: 10%
Protein: 8%
Fat: 2%
Fiber: 4%
Calories Per Cup: 0

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