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Azmira Immune Factor Colostrum

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Azmira - Immune Factor Colostrum 90ct$30.00
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Colostrum contains all the antibodies passed from the mother's milk to their newborns, during the first nursing. After the few initial feedings, colostrum levels drop significantly, which is why Azmira collects this vital nutrient from a mother cow within the first hours following birth. Helps to stimulate and support immune function when needed as a boost to ImmunoStim'R.

Instructions For Use:
Give orally or mix into food. Best to divide daily dose into two feedings.  
Can double dose if under severe stress.


Each capsule contains Colustrom 430 mg (100% pure, low heat processed), Total immunoglobins 75 mg. Other ingredients: Colloidal Silica, Gelatin and Water.

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