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Blue Buffalo
Feline - Basics Turkey & Potato

From: $24.33

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For cats that show signs of being sensitive to some of the ingredients used in traditional pet foods...More

Blue Buffalo
Feline - Healthy Gourmet Canned Cat Food

From: $1.54

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A wonderful combination of texture and taste that will delight your cat’s palate day after day."More

Blue Buffalo
Feline - Indoor Salmon Entree

From: $0.00

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Each delectable flavor of BLUE Spa Select canned natural cat food contains only the finest natural i...More

Blue Buffalo
Feline Wilderness Turkey Cans

From: $44.24

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Inspired by the diet of the lynx, BLUE Wilderness Turkey Recipe is a high-protein food that will pro...More

Blue Buffalo
Freedom Grain Free Indoor Chicken Canned Cat Food

From: $32.24

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Some cats just don’t do well with grain-based foods. That’s why we created BLUE Freedom dry food...More

Blue Buffalo
Weight Control Cat Chicken & Brown Rice

From: $29.13

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BLUE Spa Select Weight Control Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe is formulated with ingredients chosen s...More

Blue Buffalo
Wilderness Adult Chicken Dry Cat Food

From: $25.98

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A balanced approach to high-energy nutrition. A highly digestible food formulated by animal nutritio...More

Canned Cat Food

From: $2.59

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Felidae canned cat food is made with all-natural human-grade meats the AAFCO cat nutrient profiles f...More

Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Dry Food

From: $24.55

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Wholesome nutrition and increased energy levels for sensitive cats, especially those with problem sk...More

Canine Caviar
Feline Caviar Chicken & Salmon

From: $44.64

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Intended for kittens, pregnant or nursing queens, and active adults that are not overweight. Chicken...More

Chicken Soup
Adult Cat Formula

From: $0.00

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Guaranteed to satisfy, this nutritious, wholesome diet is designed to increase the health and well-b...More

Chicken Soup
Beef souffle cans

From: $1.27

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Quality Protein Sources — Protein from real beef, chicken or fish provides optimal amino acids...More

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Natural & Healthy Cat Food

Cats and kittens – whether they are indoor or indoor/outdoor pets – have unique dietary needs. While meeting those nutritional needs may seem a daunting task, offering them a diet rich in natural cat foods is the best place to begin a healthy life for your pet.

Goober Pet Direct offers all natural pet food lines to meet the needs of your cat or kitten. Because they understand that pets are members of the family, the foods they provide for your cat or kitten are all natural, nutritionally balanced for all stages of your cat’s life from to senior cat food that is designed for older cats and their differing nutritional needs. Indoor formulas also provide hairball care ingredients specially formulated for your indoor cat and its lifestyle that is likely not as an active as a cat who spends time outdoors as well.

Premium dry and canned cat foods are made from proteins including chicken, fish, beef and turkey. Many of the natural cat foods also combine brown rice and vegetables into the foods.

Goober offers service that is unparalleled - always quick to answer the phone, easy to just say send the same thing as last time and charge my card, and voila it appears the next day at your door! Wow! For me, the availability of specialty food for my allergic cat made Goober an easy choice! They always have the food I need without the hassle of the vet office and with no need to special order and wait for it to arrive - Goober has it on the shelf so I never worry about forgetting to order in time! Thanks Goober for making caring for my kitties so easy!

Zee P.
Mesa, AZ
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