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Pure Vita
Grain Free Duck & Lentils

From: $49.06

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Superior Nutrition for Dogs""PureVita™ Grain Free Duck and Green Lentils Formula combines tasty du...More

Pure Vita
Grain Free Venison & Lentils Dry food

From: $61.60

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Superior Nutrition for Dogs""PureVita™ Grain Free Venison and Red Lentils Formula combines tasty ...More

Red Barn
Grain Free Beef Roll

From: $14.26

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"" No Carageenan" No Corn, Wheat or Soy" No Fillers" Highly palatable and easily digesti...More

Solid Gold
Barking at the Moon Beef Recipe Canned Dog Food

From: $2.88

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Hear the sound of high energy dogs everywhere barking for the dog food they crave? This perfect bala...More

Solid Gold
Barking at the Moon Dry Dog Food

From: $17.87

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Solid Gold Barking at the Moon is grain-free and gluten-free and is made of ocean fish and fresh bee...More

Solid Gold
Buck Wild Grain Free Venison Dry Dog Food

From: $24.16

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Whether they’re chasing wild game or wild frisbees, good nutrition keeps your dog’s eye on the p...More

Solid Gold
Fit and Fabulous™ Weight Control With Chicken Dry Dog Food

From: $20.13

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Low Fat/Low Calorie With Chicken, Sweet Potato and Green Bean""Chunky dogs may be cute, but extra we...More

Solid Gold
GF Mighty Mini tub

From: $1.84

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They say big things come in small packages—and toy dog owners can certainly attest! Help fuel your...More

Solid Gold
Green Cow Beef Tripe Canned Dog Food

From: $3.89

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Looking for a food as unique as your dog’s dietary needs? Green Cow Grain & Gluten Free wet dog fo...More

Solid Gold
hund n flockin

From: $2.73

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This is the mother of all recipes for dogs with big personality. It’s packed with a star-studded l...More

Solid Gold
K9 - High Protien GF Duck

From: $62.79

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Empower your best friend with a high-protein food purposefully created to deliver naturally balanced...More

Solid Gold
K9 - Lil’ Boss cups

From: $1.84

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Make no bones about who’s the boss in your home—the littlest ones call all the shots. Lil’ Bos...More

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Healthy & Natural Dog Food

Goober Pet Direct provides premium all-natural dog and puppy foods as a way for discerning pet owners to provide their pets with a balanced diet that includes essential vitamins and minerals. Natural dog food enhances your dog’s immune system, leads to better overall health and helps make your dog’s coat thick and shiny.

Pet owners that value their dog’s health know that feeding their pet a diet free of artificial colors and flavors and an all natural dog food that is free of chemical additives and pesticides can combat allergies and/or skin infections in their pets. All of these benefits combine to help your pets live longer, healthier lives.

Because Good Pet Direct understand that pets are members of the family, they offer only the highest quality natural food products to meet your dog’s nutritional and evolutionary need for rich, fresh and diverse proteins. Their lines of natural foods are scientifically formulated to meet the needs of dogs from the smallest to the largest breeds.

 - Answers the phone on the first or second ring (check)
 - The person who answers the phone can actually help you (check)
 - The same person pulls up your account and purchase history within seconds (check)
 - They keep your preferred credit card on file and don't ask you to verify the number and expiration date each time (check)
 - Delivers your order for free the same day or next day (check)

I've been ordering dog food from Goober for several years now and their customer service is so good.... honestly, 5 stars is not enough.

Robert S.
Chandler, AZ
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